Your Title Insurance Company

Eagles Abstract, LLC serves homebuyers and sellers, real estate professionals, loan originators and servicers, commercial property professionals, homebuilders and others involved in residential and commercial property transactions with products and services to suit their needs. Our company proudly offers title insurance policies from some of the largest title insurance underwriters in the United States including First American.


PERSONAL SERVICE – you will always talk to the same one or two people, which will build strong relationships and these relationships are the foundation to a successful business.

PERSONAL INVESTMENT IN YOUR BUSINESS – NEVER GET THE RUN AROUND – we would all like to think that everything goes smooth and that there are never any problems, but that is not realistic. Things happen! If you are ever upset about something, you call the large title company and you never get the same person or you get their voicemail and you probably do not receive a return call. With a small title company when you call, you talk to me or my partner, that’s it! And if you are upset, we are going to work to make it right because we certainly cannot lose a customer.


  • E-mail ordering
  • Rush Searches Available
  • Same day E-recording
  • In and out of office settlements
  • After hour and weekend closings
  • Residential Closings Services
  • Commercial Closing Services
  • Short Sales

Eagles Abstract can also help you arrange private lending for any Real Estate deals. We deal with a number of private lending sources. And can put together aggressive financing for your deal-small or large.